The Value of a Second Time Parent Group

I love running second time parent groups. What makes having a second baby so interesting is the fact that, in theory, parents have done it before. They have successfully cared for a newborn. They know more about feeding, diaper changing, and sleep patterns. However, the piece that often takes most of us by surprise is how to parent both a newborn AND an older child. It can be challenging to figure out how to meet the ever changing needs of both your children, let alone yourself. Talking with people in the same boat is invaluable. It is why I love this group and why I’m excited to facilitate one starting In October.

In a second time parent group, we talk about all the new ways in which your life has changed. What I find most fun about this group is actually talking about the older child. Similar to the first time parent group, we review elements of raising a newborn: sleep and feeding patterns, postpartum adjustment, etc. But what most parents want to explore is what to do with their older child. We talk about how it feels to now be responsible for two human beings with very different needs. We talk about what normal regressions look like for the older child and how to manage them. We talk about the illusive work/life/self-care balance and how utterly impossible it feels when you add a second child to the mix.

Have you recently added your second child? Join me for this wonderful group.

See the description and registration details below:

Second Time Parent Group (For parents and second babies 0-6 months old)

Many say that adding a second baby to your family is an even bigger transition than the first time around. Come meet other second time parents for this 6 week series.  We will spend time discussing the new challenges and joys of a growing family in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Possible topics include: challenges with your older child as they transition to their new role as sibling, how to manage feeding and sleeping with both children, and reviewing typical baby patterns and developmental phases. We will end each class with a mini-circle time, a great way for you to bond with your new baby.

Note: I find most parents get much more out of the group if they can attend without their older child. However, if childcare for your older child is a barrier to attending, please contact me and we can discuss how to make it work.

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