My two trips to Fenway!

I can’t believe it is March again, a whole year since our world dramatically changed. I haven’t held a baby in almost a year and what a tumultuous year it has been, for all of us. As the plants start to peak out from the cold ground, as I plan another virtual birthday party for my oldest (who is turning 10!!!!), and as I plan what I want the next year to look like, I have some very exciting updates.

In-Home Postpartum Doula Work

I am so excited to announce that as of Friday, March 5th, I am fully vaccinated!  This means I plan to return to in-home postpartum doula support starting April 1st. I realize that we still do not know a lot about how vaccination relates to transmission and there are still many precautions to consider. Here are the safety steps I am taking. First, my wife will also be fully vaccinated by mid-March and we will continue to wear masks when we go out into the world. I plan to start by working with one family at a time, so as to avoid any transmission between families. Finally, I will wear a mask when I’m in folks’ homes to ensure everyone feels completely safe. I am so excited to hold babies again and really look forward to the hands on support this will allow me to provide. Please be in touch for any due dates around April 1st and beyond. 

Virtual Postpartum Doula Support

I will continue to provide virtual support to families across the country. While this does not involve baby snuggling, there are so many skills I’ve learned to teach virtually over the past year. I can provide information and support around baby wearing, feeding, burping and holding, bathing, and diapering. The core of my support and my doula work is providing emotional support, helping parents strategize around sleep and feeding, and how to manage this huge life transition, especially during a pandemic. I’ve found supporting families virtually over the past year to be incredibly rewarding, especially as people navigate what the pandemic means to them as new parents and as we learn new ways of being parenting and being in community. 

To learn more about my Postpartum Doula work, please check out my Postpartum Doula Services Page.

Parent Support Groups

I will continue to provide virtual support groups for both new and second time parents. I have found these groups to be vital in the pandemic, both as a way to break isolation as well as helping folks find a parent community. These groups are a wonderful mix of information and problem solving from my years of experience as a postpartum doula as well as a supportive and non judgmental environment to connect and be held by other parents who are in a similar place in their parenting journey. I look forward to continuing to provide these groups online until we can meet again in person. To learn about upcoming groups, check out my Parent Classes and Policies Page.

Provider Trainings

I am excited to grow my perinatal provider trainings for LGBQ/T Cultural Competency.  I have been providing these trainings for the past three years with a range of perinatal providers from nurses to doulas to in-home visitors. My trainings go beyond basic information and a “tolerance” narrative and invites participants to take a deep look at their own learned biases and have a deeper understanding of how systems of oppression function for all marginalized bodies. With tons of opportunities for discussion and small group work, these trainings have been well received by participants who appreciate the opportunity to dig deep and reflect. My style is humorous, non-judgmental, and with a deep love for the perinatal world and those that live and work in that space. For more information, check out my Provider Support and Training Page.

Please spread the word far and wide about my offerings. I am excited to recommit to the healing and social change work that I do in the perinatal word. I believe my approach is unique and that I am truly gifted at what I do.

Thanks for your support.