What does a visit look like?

One of the most common questions I get asked in a prenatal interview is, “what does a typical visit look like?” I love this question, because it allows me to talk about all the various facets of my work. A visit can involve so many different things. It is sitting and talking, it is hands on learning, it is holding the baby so families can breathe for a moment. It is both broad and very specific. I have always struggled with how to describe and show what I do. So I decided to get some help.

I hired my good friend Michelle to come along on a visit with some current clients and photograph us as we went through the flow of a typical session. She spent time with me in my clients’ home doing what I do. She really captured the beauty and power of my work; the care, compassion, and humor with which I support new families. I love building relationships with the families I support, and Michelle was able to capture this element honestly and beautifully. The bond I’ve cultivated with these clients was unmistakable, and Michelle made us all feel relaxed, both giving great suggestions for what to do with our time and observing our natural rhythm.

I’ll be updating my website soon and will gradually post the photos on my social media accounts. If anyone would like some beautiful in-home newborn photos taken by Michelle, just say my name and you will get a discounted session fee! Check out Michelle’s amazing work on her website: https://michelleschapiro.com/

Here is the first teaser. Hire yourself a doula who looks at your baby like I do in this photo.

Photo by Michelle Schapiro