Relax, I’m here

There are so many things that new parents worry about. What if my baby isn’t gaining weight? What happens when I return to work? How do I do the first bath? And the biggest concern, what if I’m doing something wrong?!?!?!

That is what I am there for. First off, I don’t believe that you can really do something wrong. But I am there to help keep track and help you along the newborn path. Often at that first visit people ask, when do I introduce the bottle or sleep train or prevent bad habits. I remind them that I am here to keep track of all of those things. I will let them know the best time to introduce the bottle, when to think about changing sleep patterns, all of it. They can relax because I am holding all of those worries. Those worries about doing it “right.” Not that I actually believe there is a right or wrong way to parent, but sometimes people can let go of that concern when they feel held.

I often think of myself as a postpartum strategist. Letting new families know what’s normal but also how to maximize their time so that they can wisely take care of themselves. I don’t know a lot of parents of newborns that can actually relax per say, but I do know that I can help carry some of the burden.

I have postpartum openings from now till October. Let me carry some of your load.

I can literally and figuratively hold your hand as you introduce the bottle. Photo by Michelle Schapiro.