New parenthood is a time when you are expected to do something, brand new, emotionally charged, on very little sleep, that you have never done before. When you throw in the overwhelming amount of contradicting information out there, from family to the internet, it is hard to get your footing.

One of my favorite expressions about breastfeeding is that it is “natural, but learned,” meaning that you and your baby are perhaps biologically able to do it, but you both still have to learn. I believe the same is true for parenting. How do you find that parenting instinct? How can you trust yourself and your baby to know what to do?

My favorite part of my postpartum doula work is helping parents build confidence, and helping them hear that voice, the one that has good instincts, that knows when something is wrong, and can trust when something is right. I do this through listening, normalizing, educating, and validating. I model confidence. Most new parents are so worried at how fragile their babies are that they feel like they don’t even know how to hold them. Seeing someone like me who has held a million babies, seeing that their babies are actually pretty tough, can help calm them.

I always say that I know my work is done when parents feel confident. Or at least more confident. They know which resources to look to for questions. They know that every little decision they make is not the be all end all of their parenting journey. They can hear that voice, the one that tells them that they know how to parent their baby.

Let me help you build confidence and trust in your parenting journey.

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I do love holding all the babies. Photo by Michelle Schapiro.